Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Re: I wish I could...

I can tell that spring is here, when my friend George tags me with another blog meme. Apparently it's like a ritual to him, but it came a few weeks earlier this year, so I figured I could delay posting at least until last year's anniversary. With the frequency I blog, he doesn't have much to expect anyway.

This year's theme is to write about crazy or stupid things you'd like to do, but can't, or stupid things that you do anyway. Since I'm running an old-fashioned, respectable blog here, I'll restrict my answer to appropriate stuff, namely computers and software. And with that I expect to have lost 50% of my audience, so I guess that leaves me and you George. So without further ado, here are 10 things (in no particular order) I wish I could do, but probably won't:

  1. ...stop reading FreeBSD mailing lists.
  2. ...convince my colleagues at work to switch to Mercurial for version control.
  3. ...transfer a call at work (in a Linksys IP Phone) without loosing it.
  4. the zero-administration appliance I was planning.
  5. ...use and contribute to JNode, an operating system written in Java.
  6. ...write a book about a computer-related subject.
  7. ...implement class data sharing for 64 bit VMs.
  8. ...write Objective-C code using Xcode.
  9. ...stop subscribing to more blogs and even ditch a few altogether.
  10. more often.
I guess I'm not that ambitious after all...


adamo said...

"...write a book about a computer-related subject."

Now that is something we can do together.

past said...

In that case I believe a beer is in order.

Unknown said...

"..convince my colleagues at work to switch to Mercurial for version control"

Mercurial it is then !!! After cvs and subversion, here comes Mercurial! I suggest you finally make up your mind and then try to convince us. You will make your life easier (or should I follow my own advise and choose a web framework at last) :-)

past said...

Hey, there is a reason people compare progress to a moving train: it does not stand still. I'm just going with the flow.

Unknown said...

"people compare progress to a moving train"

Just remember this when I choose yet another web framework :-)

Anonymous said...

...stop reading FreeBSD mailing lists.

Yeah, right :-)

BTW, I installed Mercurial after a crazy Austrian guy kept saying how great it is, but haven't tried it out yet. On a scale of sqrt(2) to 3*pi, how would you rate it (esp. in comparison to svn)?

past said...

Well, it is supposed to make branching and merging more painless, but without having actually done any serious work with it, you should take my words with a grain of salt.

Actually, make that a huge barrel of salt.

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