Sunday, February 19, 2012

Debugging mobile phones

Last week I posted an update on the progress we are making towards a functional JavaScript debugger in Firefox. We still have a ways to go before we get there, but the foundation this is based on, namely the Remote Debugging Protocol, provides a solid basis for debugging mobile browsers, and as it turns out, even mobile operating systems. Supporting these use cases is still farther down our list, but I decided to spend a few hours the other day trying to estimate how far we are from this goal. It turns out we are not that far, and I have a screencast to prove it.

I had done some prototyping work for Firefox for Android a while back, which was rather straightforward, so I was curious to know what would it take to tackle a more ambitious project: debugging Boot to Gecko. After a few hours of hacking and orienting myself around the B2G and Gaia code base, I got this far:

Not too bad I think for a few hours work. Don't expect this to be ready of course, before we have a working debugger in desktop Firefox. If, however, you'd like to follow along and maybe even lend a hand, you are always welcome!

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Mike Ratcliffe said...

Wow, that really is awesome, I truly had no idea that we were so close to being able to do this ... fantastic work Panos!

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